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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government holds a Seoul Town Hall Meeting with Indian IT Officials

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    – Seoul Town Hall Meeting was held with Indian IT officials and 50 Indian residents at the Seoul Global Center on June Saturday, 11th
    – Various opinions regarding the IT industry, policy suggestions, and general living agenda were shared and reflected upon
    – The Seoul Town Hall Meeting expands its role as a core communication channel to receive suggestions from foreign residents

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held a Seoul Town Hall Meeting with Indian IT officials and residents on the 9th floor of the Seoul Global Center in the International Convention Room at 3:30 p.m. on June 11th. Mayor Won-soon Park took part in the meeting.

    The purpose of this Seoul Town Hall Meeting was for the City to listen to various opinions on general policies, such as Seoul’s IT policy recommendations, Indian SMG IT policy cooperation, or the difficulties of living in Seoul from Indian IT officials, the talented workforce for the global IT industry, and Indian residents.

    According to statistics from the first quarter of 2016, there are 273,000 registered foreign residents in Seoul, and approximately 1,800 of them are Indians. Most of them work in IT-related industries, such as for conglomerates like Samsung, or school research centers. This shows that Seoul and India’s IT industries share a large talent pool.

    This Seoul Town Hall Meeting was not only an opportunity to collect many policy ideas, such as setting the policy directions of Seoul by utilizing big data or improving the quality of public services based on IT technology, but it was also an opportunity for the City to find ways to remove the difficulties that Indian residents face while living and working in Seoul.

    The Seoul Town Hall Meeting was carried out under the theme “IT Policy Communication and Hearing about the Difficulties of Living in Korea,” and started with IT-related presentations and free discussions and finished with speeches from the Indian Ambassador to Korea and Mayor Won-soon Park.

    Researcher Mr. Navneet Basutkar from Samsung Electronics and Mr. Kuldeep Kasana, a doctoral professor on data science at Gangwon University delivered presentations on Indian IT market trends and policy suggestions.

    The meeting was aired on Live Seoul (tv.seoul.go.kr), so that not only Indian residents, but anyone who was interested in IT could watch.

    In the past, the Seoul Town Hall Meetings have served as a channel to hear suggestions, and the SMG has reflected on polices to improve foreign residents’ quality of life by removing difficulties in their daily lives.

    The City is planning to expand the role of Seoul Town Hall Meetings by heeding various policy suggestions that can be reflected in Seoul’s policies, as well as general suggestions or complaints about living in Seoul, by listening to voices from different fields of expertise or groups.

    Through other Town Hall Meetings, the SMG has developed a project for capacity-building for Chinese Koreans, a community meet-up place for foreign residents, a foreign resident correspondent project, and a job fair for foreign residents.

    “The Seoul Town Hall Meetings serve as a window for residents to talk about their difficulties and for foreigners who want to develop the city of Seoul to make policy suggestions and find ways to cooperate. I hope that the Town Hall Meetings will directly and indirectly contribute to Seoul becoming a more global city,” said Gyusook Uhm, the Director of Female and Family Policy Department for the Seoul Metropolitan Government.