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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government holds its inaugural ‘Seoul Urban Agriculture Expo’

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held the 1st Seoul Urban Agriculture Expo in Seoul Plaza from Thursday, June 14 to Sunday, June 17, 2012. Mayor Park Won Soon attended the opening ceremony on June 14 along with some 500 guests and citizens.

    The Expo featured six themed exhibition halls covering not just the present status of urban agriculture but also its future development directions. An academic forum was also organized to promote in-depth discussion of the latest agricultural issues and trends.

    Visitors to the Expo were given an opportunity to experience agriculture by planting a variety of things themselves. Diverse types of small-scale vegetable gardens were presented as a typical aspect of urban agriculture.

    In addition, the government also presented a number of innovative ideas including ‘a bus-roof garden’, ‘a roof-top garden’, ‘living butterflies and bees,’ and ‘color silkworms,’ in a bid to encourage citizens to explore the possibilities offered by urban agriculture wherever possible.

    Finally, the Expo also set up an urban agriculture job fair where experts provided consultation for potential founders of agricultural businesses, in addition to exhibiting their own urban agricultural R&D technologies. For further details, please visit the following