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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds International Seminar on Universal Design

    SMG 3700
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government held an international seminar on universal design at the Multi-Purpose Hall of Seoul City Hall on December 9, 2013.

    In major countries, their governments adopt proactive universal design policies ranging from barrier-free facilities at public buildings to contents related to education, culture, information, and services. Taking the United States for instance, the country operates the Universal Design Center to strive to make the life of the socially less privileged more comfortable.

    In contrast, Seoul Metropolitan Government leaves a lot to be desired in terms of public facility-related design knowhow and living environment-related human rights with users’ behavior and characteristics considered, despite its 11,000-plus welfare facilities and the approximately 30 billion won (in 2012) spent for 400-plus facilities to improve their functions.

    In connection with the foregoing, the seminar was held under the theme “For the Better Quality of People’s Lives” and attended by welfare officials and workers. Attendees introduced their countries’ welfare-related design efforts and discussed how Seoul Metropolitan Government can push through with its universal design efforts more efficiently. Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to hold such seminar every year to expand the relevant networks and encourage people to take part in its efforts for universal design.