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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds Inaugural Ceremony for SNS Supporters

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held an Inaugural Ceremony for Seoul SNS Supporters with some of the 1,000 citizens selected as SNS Supporters, at the Seoul Fashion Art Hall at 2 pm, June 11.

Seoul Metropolitan Government’s SNS Online Channel Open ( http://sns.seoul.go.kr )

    The Inaugural Ceremony for Seoul SNS Supporters consisted of an appointment ceremony, training on SNS supporters’ activities, and a performance by invited performers. In attendance at the event were more than 500 of the 1,000 supporters, who intended to participate.

    At the ceremony, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon presented the major policies implemented by the City Government to the newly selected SNS Supporters, whose work will involve serving the public, and held a Q&A session.

Images of Seoul Metropolitan Government SNS Supporters

    The City Government received applications to select the 1,000 Seoul SNS Supporters through social network services such as Twitter and Facebook, from March 23 to May 6. They were selected based on their interest in and passion for city administration. The SNS Supporters will engage in activities under the slogan “The Power that Drives Seoul City, Supporters of Ten Million Citizens!” They will carry out activities in five major fields, including sharing city policy issues, suggesting solutions to inconveniences experienced by citizens in the City, and sharing information via the SNS Online Channel (http://sns.seoul.go.kr).

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that the main selection criteria were interest in and passion for city administration, rather than expertise and skills in SNS such as Twitter, Facebook and Me2Day.” As such, it said that it expects the SNS Supporters to make critical comments and compliments about the City Government without reservation.

    Meanwhile, Seoul Metropolitan Government is expanding its channels of communication by opening a Seoul City Facebook page, Seoul.kr, on top of its representative Twitter page @seoulmania.

    For further information on SNS Supporters, please dial +82-2-120 or +82-2-731-6395.