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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds Contest Inviting College Students and Foreigners to Jointly Develop Walking Tour Paths

  • Integrated News SMG 1919

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to conduct a unique contest in which college students and foreigners are invited to jointly create scenarios, experience sites, and develop by themselves tour courses in the City for two months from June 15. The 2011 Contest for Walking Tour Scenarios with College Students and Foreigners will be conducted in two phases.

    In Phase 1 of the contest, college students in groups with foreigners will create scenarios in story-telling formats on walking tour courses in Seoul according to a major theme (culture, IT, shopping and eco, etc), and submit their applications. A total of fifty teams who submit quality contents will be selected.

    In Phase 2, only the fifty teams who pass Phase 1 can take part. According to their scenarios, they will undergo a “one-day walking tour experience,” and then submit revised scenarios and multimedia materials, including photos and user-created contents. Four finalists will then be selected, including the first prize winner, who will receive 2 million won in prize money and an award, and three other teams who will each receive 500,000 won and an award.

    Applications for Phase 1 of the contest will be received from June 15 to July 18, and the 50 teams selected will undergo a “one-day walking tour experience” on July 27. Phase 2 will be conducted from July 28 to August 4, and the award ceremony will be held on August 18. For further information on the event, please visit the contest website (walkingtour.visitseoul.net), or dial the secretariat at (+82-2- 3788-8123, 724-7783).