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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds ‘Worldwide Ads Creative Festival’

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    2011 event poster The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the Worldwide Ads Creative Festival for the first half of 2011 at the international conference hall in SBA in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu on May 14~15 and on May 19~22. The event will allow visitors to view award-winning advertisements from eleven leading advertising contests, including the world’s top three advertising festivals.

    The annual festival, which was launched last year, is drawing keen attention as Korea’s largest ad presentation event, screening award-winning advertisements from not only the world’s top three advertising festivals but also from renowned ad contests held in various countries around the world, including France.

    The event, consisting of eight different programs, will present a collection of award-winning ads that have not yet been aired in Korea, as well as past Grand Prix winners from eleven renowned ad festivals, including the world’s top three ad events, namely the Clio Awards, the New York Festivals, and the London Ad Awards, plus the Young Director’s Award of France.

    In addition, Korea’s leading advertising experts will be invited to present their far-reaching experience and know-how, including their knowledge of foreign advertising trends and project success stories, offering visitors a great opportunity to learn about current trends in the overseas ad industry and develop their perspective and insight.

    The admission fee for the festival is 8,000 won per session, and applications by up to 200 people will be received on a first come, first served basis. Those wishing to visit the festival can apply online at the official reservation website at (http://wacf.ad.co.kr) from April 27. For further details, please call the Seoul Business Agency at +82-2-2222-3837.

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