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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds ‘Happy Festival’ on the Occasion of International Migrants Day

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2010 Happy Festival (skills performance by migrant workers from the Philippines) 
The Yangcheon and Eunpyeong Global Migrant Centers operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government held a Happy Festival on the occasion of International Migrants Day on December 18.

    The Yangcheon Global Migrant Center (+82-2-2643-0808) held the “Happy Festival,” bringing together foreign migrant workers immigrants at Seoul City’s Sinmok Social Welfare Center at 1 pm on December 18.

    The Happy Festival, which marks its third event this year, was attended by more than 150 people including migrant workers, and foreign wives married to Korean men. In addition, 45 foreigners (six teams) from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Peru gave song and dance performances from their countries, displaying their special terpsichorean skills.

    The festival also offered various fun and exciting events for the year-end season, including Korean language folktale narration, celebratory performances by dance clubs, recreation, and sweepstakes, and helped boost a network between foreign participants.

    Prior to the special skills performance, the commencement ceremony of a weekend vocational capacity development program conducted by the Yangcheon Global Migrant Center was held, while a video presentation session showing video work produced by trainees themselves was also held for participants in the festival.

    Meanwhile, the Eunpyeong Global Migrant Center (+82-2-359-3410) hosted “I Was Happy Because It Was with You,” a year-end party for migrants, at Megabox Eunpyeong at 2 pm on December 17.

    The event, which attracted over 150 people, including migrants and their families, consisted of a scholarship award ceremony, the award ceremony of a contest designed to raise public awareness of multiculturalism, and a screening of “Arthur Christmas,” a movie for all the family.