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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Expands Medical Service for Underprivileged, including Migrant Workers

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will expand medical aid to ease the financial burden of underprivileged citizens, including migrant workers, who are not protected by the medical care system.

    The City Government will increase the number of agencies it subsidizes to cover the medical expenses incurred by underprivileged foreign residents from six to eight, and increase the range of support to allow them to receive healthcare services at the 25 community health centers under ward offices across the city.

    In order to provide subsidies for medical expenses incurred in the treatment of severe diseases, including cancer and heart and brain diseases, to the underprivileged, including migrant workers, the City Government has designated two additional hospitals, namely Boramae Medical Center and Seobuk Hospital, as the agencies responsible for expanding the public healthcare service.

    The beneficiaries of the service will include migrant workers, their children, homeless migrants, foreign wives married to Koreans before gaining citizenship, and their children.

    The service will cover the costs of inpatient treatment and outpatient surgery incurred on the day surgery is performed. If the service is provided by a medical agency designated as a provider of medical aid, subsidies will be provided once for any outpatient treatment received before surgery, and up to three times for outpatient treatment received after surgery for up to 5 million won per occasion. If the expense exceeds 5 million won per occasion, up to 10 million can be provided subject to review by the City Government.

    Additionally, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to expand the range of health services available to foreign residents at community health centers under ward offices, which were only available at two wards, to the community health centers under 25 wards across the city.

    ※ Institutions Designated as Medical Service Agencies for the Underprivileged, including Migrant Workers (Seoul Metropolitan Government)

    Name of Hospital Address Tel
    Seoul Red Cross Hospital 98 Saemunan-gil, Jongno-gu +08-2-2002-8869
    Seoul Medical Center 311 Sinnae-dong, Jungnang-gu +08-2-2276-7731
    National Medical Center 243 Euljiro, Jung-gu +08-2-2260-7472
    Seoul Metropolitan Dongbu Hospital 79 Muhang-ro, Dongdaemun +08-2-920-9334
    GEOGE E.DOTY Memorial Hospital 42-5 Eungam-dong, Eunpyeong-gu +08-2-351-2352
    Migrant Workers’ Hospital 137-22 Garibong-dong, Guro-gu 070-8670-8540
    SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center 425 Sindaebang-dong, Dongjak-gu +08-2-870-3231
    Seobuk Hospital, Seoul Metropolitan Government 49 Galhyeon 7(chil)-ro, Eunpyeong-gu +08-2-3156-3062