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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Enhances Gimpo & Incheon Airport Information Desk Services for International Taxis

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (City Transportation Headquarters) is enhancing the information desk services for International Taxis at Gimpo and Incheon Airports in accordance with its recent service improvement plan. International Taxis are for foreign tourists visiting Korea.

    Previously, international taxi information desks at the airports only provided the service of calling taxis for taxi riders. Now, the desks will be staffed with more people to offer customers information on tourism and all types of transportation in addition to the international taxi paging services.

    ○ International Taxi information desks are located at Gate B (Desk 23) and Gate D (Desk 46) at Incheon International Airport and between Gate 1 and Gate 2 of the International Terminal at Gimpo Airport.

    Another change is that the existing call center for International Taxis will be integrated into the general information desk services at the two airports as of Monday, July 1, 2013.

    Accordingly, the phone number for international taxis (☎1644-2255) will be out of service starting that day. Foreigners who would like to call for a taxi ride can call the existing call centers for Brand Call Taxis instead. The centers will soon be staffed with people proficient in foreign languages. Those who want to request taxi service in a foreign language can call the KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) Interpretation Service (☎82-2-1330).

    Through a public bid, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is going to select a business that can provide professional airport information desk services at the airports. The bid deadline is Wednesday, May 29. Following reviews of the bids on May 31 (Friday), the final results will be announced on Friday, June 10, 2013, according to City Hall.

    The number of staff at information desks (two desks at Incheon and one desk at Gimpo) will increase from 8 to 11. The information desks at Incheon will be open 24 hours a day for passengers who arrive in Incheon late at night. Currently, the desks are in service only from 07:00 to 22:30.

    ○ The information desk at Gimpo, which currently operates from 10:00 to 21:00, will be open from 10:00 until 24:00.

    Three ways to Call International Taxis

    • 1. Call one of the call centers for Brand Call Taxis:
      (1) Nabi Call (82-2-1599-8255)
      (2) N Call (82-2-1688-2255)
      (3) K-Taxi (82-2-1577-9977)
    • 2. Make a reservation on the website: www.intltaxi.co.kr)
    • 3. Use an information desk at the airport.