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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Directly Visits Foreign Invested Companies to Resolve Difficulties

  • Integrated News SMG 2103

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will directly visit foreign invested companies by the end of October to gather their opinions and suggestions regarding the difficulties they face in operating their businesses in Seoul and to resolve any obstacles they encounter in a bid to establish a globally competitive business environment.

    The survey, which the City Government is conducting by directly visiting foreign invested firms for the first time, is aimed at creating an attractive investment city, inducing such companies to expand their investment and make new investments, creating quality jobs, and invigorating the Seoul economy by implementing policy measures they actually require.

    The City Government will classify the difficulties and hardships gathered through the visit into the categories of employment, funds and finances, marketing, and improvement of policies and institutions, and resolve them through cooperation with the related organizations, while seeking to improve the related laws, regulations and institutions.

    Additionally, the City Government will introduce various assistance programs for foreign invested companies, and promote them at a foreign invested company job fair, to be held at the COEX exhibition center in Samseong-dong from September 29 to 30, in order to help them find quality human resources.

    Meanwhile, the City Government will pay out subsidies of up to 3 million won per person to companies that hire additional employees beyond 20 staff members in 2010 among foreign invested firms in Seoul.

    Under the program to pay subsidies to foreign invested companies, a cumulative total of 2.435 billion won bas been provided to 32 companies since 2005.

    The City Government also pays prizes of up to 40 million won to citizens and organizations that have contributed to attracting foreign investment into the City.