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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government designates two “Energy Independent Model Towns”

  • Integrated News SMG 2012

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it has chosen Seongdaegol (Sangdo 3(sam) and 4(sa)-dong area), Dongjak-gu, and Siheung 4(sa)-dong (area near Sinheung Elementary School), Geumcheon-gu as Energy Independent Model Towns and pledged the city’s concentrated support for them to achieve energy independence of up to 50% of the current levels.

    An “Energy Independent Town” is a town community where its citizens campaign for voluntary energy savings and other practices. The Model Towns will be achieving energy independence through Step 1 – Saving Energy, Step 2 – Minimizing Heat Energy Leaks, and Step 3 – Expanding Use of New Renewable Energy. To do this, the Model Towns are planning to establish the vision and offer substantive education through community meetings, seminars and other means of active networking. The Government will also offer other benefits such as a low interest (2.5%) loan for BRP projects, financial support of up to 40% of the costs of installing solar energy equipment.

    On another note, it is expected that jobs will be created by local businesses participating in upgrading lighting to LED. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set goals to increase the number of designated Model Towns from 2 to 25 by the year 2014, but with the caution that even one Model Town will be made the best possible model by supporting the budget from the side according to the levels of energy independence, rather than just increasing the numbers of the model towns for the number’s sake.