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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Cracks Down on Restaurants Perpetrating Acts that will Tarnish the Image of the Country as a Tourist Destination

  • SMG 3013

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government Special Judicial Police recently cracked down on a number of restaurants that violated The Food Sanitation Act, indicting them under The Criminal Act in August and September. The guilty establishments are favorite destinations among foreign tourist groups. The Police have also asked the relevant autonomous district offices to take the necessary administrative punitive measures against them aside from indictment under The Criminal Act.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government started the investigation in response to complaints submitted by foreign tourists concerning several mid to large-sized restaurants.

    The charges leveled against them include false statements about the place of origin of various foods including rice, kimchi, pork and chicken, as well as inadequate levels of hygiene.

    According to the police, the main customers of these restaurants are foreign tourists favoring low-priced package tourism products, so the poor level of hygiene of the guilty parties not been pointed out by local customers.

    Commenting on the crackdown, an officer of the Seoul Metropolitan Government Special Judicial Police said, “In 2012, eight million foreigners, many of them from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore, visited the country for sightseeing purposes. Eight out of ten of them came to Seoul. We will keep a watchful eye for violations of the food safety regulations to protect tourists and enhance the image of the city as a tourist destination.”

    Responsibility: Charge in Division: Special Enforcement Division for Public Safety