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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Conducts SNS Commenting Event through Hallyu Stars to Attract Seoul Fans

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s promotional event featuring singer Kim Hyun Joong, Seoul’s Goodwill Ambassador and emerging hallyu star, has generated a flurry of views by more than 58,000 users only two weeks after it was posted on various social network channels, including the City’s YouTube and Sina Weibo.

     Exclusive video of Kim Hyun Joong and Beast for Seoul fans worldwide

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted an online marketing campaign using hallyu culture and highflying hallyu stars, resulting in a massive number of visits by Seoul fans to Seoul City’s SNS channels.

    First, the Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted an event with the theme, “My most wished for experience in Seoul,” inviting people to leave their comments for two weeks from November 16 to 30, which attracted a total of 7,400 people. The most common comment posted was “I wish for a date with singer Kim Hyun Joong as my guide at a tourist hotspot in Seoul.”

    Other popular comments were, “I wish to watch a live broadcast of a Korean popular song concert,” effectively reflecting Korean pop fever, and “I’d love to be locked up with my boyfriend/girlfriend with a nighttime view of Seoul from Namsan.”

    In addition, a campaign aimed at promoting Seoul via hallyu concerts is also well under way. The Seoul Metropolitan Government carried out a web commenting event, “The romantic Christmas I hope to experience in Seoul,” on Facebook for eight days from November 22 to 29, offering tickets for hallyu concerts held in London, UK and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    The City Government selected 57 participants in the event, and offered them tickets for the Kuala Lumpur MLIVE Concert (December 3), which featured Super Juniors, ·f(x), Miss A, and B1A4, and the London UNITED CUBE Concert (December 5), which featured Beast, Four Minutes and G.na.

    The City Government plans to create many more Seoul fans all around the world by conducting a city marketing campaign mobilizing hallyu culture and stars, and a wide variety of events through SNS channels.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government currently operates eight social media channels, including those in North America and European YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/seouldreamseries), Facebook (http://facebook.com/hiseoul), China Sina Weibo (http://weibo.com/seoulblogger), and the Japan Yahoo blog (http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/hi_seoul_travel).