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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Conducts 9th Global Internship Program

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    Twenty-five foreign students from seven countries, who are studying at universities in Seoul, will work as interns for the Seoul Metropolitan Government for seven weeks from January 9 to February 24.

    Internship orientation (January 7, 2011), Global Internship study tour to Digital Media City (January 21, 2011)

    During the internship, foreign students from diverse countries including France, the U.S.A., and Malaysia will be deployed at Seoul City Hall’s main office and those of its business offices and subsidiary organizations which conduct extensive work in the areas of international exchange and administrative affairs for foreigners in Seoul. The interns will take charge of surveys of urban railroad policies and comparative studies of railway systems in the cities of other countries (Rapid Transit Bureau), a survey of high-tech agricultural facilities in other countries (Market & Consumer Affairs Division), and research on materials for improving air quality (Research Institute of Public Health & Environment, Seoul Metropolitan Government).

    Interns on duty (International Cooperation Division), Interns on duty (Seoul Business Agency)

    Starting with an orientation session to be held at the Seoul Global Center’s conference room at the Korea Press Center in Taepyeong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, on January 9, they will work with Seoul City officials at their respective departments for six hours from 9 am to 4 pm five days a week.

    Global Internship’s visit to the Han Sang-su Embroidery Museum (January 21, 2011), Global Internship’s commencement ceremony and seminar (January 11, 2011)

    Additionally, they will engage in volunteer activities for elderly shut-ins at the Mapo Senior Welfare Center of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and “share sympathy” on January 27. They will also have a chance to experience Seoul culture through tours to Kukkiwon, Bongeunsa Temple, and the National Museum of Korea.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has been conducting internship programs for foreign students living in Seoul during each summer and winter vacation since 2008, in what it is the first such initiative among government agencies in Korea. So far, a total of 236 foreign students from 40 countries have successfully completed the internship.