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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Conducts 1st Urban Marketing Campaign Targeting Arab World

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has initiated efforts to promote Seoul to four countries in the Arab world, namely the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Oman and Bahrain. This is the first time that the Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched a promotional campaign aimed at introducing the charms of Seoul to various countries in the Middle East, an area that is somewhat unfamiliar to most Seoulites.

    Traditional culture performance, Taekwondo demonstration

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will participate in events to be held in the four countries as part of the “Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan,” a gigantic trans-national event that will take place in seven countries (UAE, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Palestine) from October 17 ~ 24, in a drive to introduce Seoul to the Arab world.

    Hosted by the Korea-Arab Society, the “Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan” has been held annually since 2008 to increase awareness of Korea in the Arab world and vitalize exchanges with the region.

    (※ Caravan: Convoy of Arabian merchants transporting their goods via camel over long distances)

    Designed to raise awareness and understanding of Korea among Arab peoples, the event will consist of a hanbok (traditional Korean costume) fashion show, a taekwondo demonstration, a B-boy show, and a samullori (percussion with four drums) performance. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will install “promotional booths” at each event site, and conduct diverse promotional activities, including the distribution of Seoul City brochures and the screening of PR videos to local visitors.

    Since 2008 the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been carrying out the Seoul Global Marketing Project at various overseas locations, presenting cultural and art performances (including music, dance, and more general genres), installing PR booths, and conducting various online and offline promotional activities, including the distribution of PR materials and the screening of promotional videos, to local visitors.