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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Build Up a Forest One Hundred Ten Times the Size of Yeouido through the GHG Management System

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    Solar power generation facility on the roof of the Agricultural Technology Center’s main building

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced that it has generated effects equal to the creation of a forest one hundred ten times the size of the Yeouido area under its greenhouse gas energy goal management system, which it has implemented since 2011, leading the way in reducing GHG emissions in the public sector.

    In 2011, Seoul reduced CO2 emissions by 7,663 tons in its management of sixty-eight public buildings including Seoul City Hall.

    In 2012, Seoul reduced CO2 emissions by 357,992 tons under 96 targets including public buildings, waterworks and sewage facilities and resources recovery facilities. The reduced emissions can be translated into an equivalent energy volume of 168,785 TOE.

    The reduction of GHG emissions in 2012 alone is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 5,400 30-year-old pine trees in one year, which is equivalent to one year’s CO2 absorption by a forest one hundred ten times the size of the Yeouido area (295 ha).

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to continue to meeting its GHG emission reduction goals. To that end, Seoul will continue to replace dilapidated facilities with energy-saving facilities at ninety-six agencies targeted for GHG gas and energy management in the public sector and the waste sector. Other measures include the installation of solar power generation facilities, the expanded use of LED lights, improved waste heat utilization processes, and the turning off of lighting and stand-by power.