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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government and SBA Introduce Two Games including English Education Program for Young Children

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    Private game developers have developed two games with support from the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency. Ocon, an English games developer, has produced “Dibo’s Play Phonics”, while Cellbig has developed “Tourde Star,” an experience-driven sports game that enables users to check the amount of exercise.

Dibo’s Play Phonics by Ocon,        Tourde Star by Cellbig

    Each year since 2008, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the SBA have selected good game products and provided them with development assistance in a bid to develop functional games that generate socially positive results, including education, training, health improvement and environmental protection.

    Each of this year’s chosen games, which were completed last year after an 18-month development process, received 150 million won from the two funding bodies.

    Dibo’s Play Phonics is an affordable public English-language education program that has reformed the famed curriculum of English kindergartens, and which uses Dibo, a star character with clear color tones that is highly popular among young children.

    Ocon, the developer of Dibo’s Play Phonics, also developed Pororo, a homegrown animation that is so popular among children it has earned the nickname “Po-president.” As such, the new game is anticipated with high expectations.

    Ocon signed an agreement to broadcast Dibo’s Play Phonics with KT, which will start airing via the kids’ channel on KT’s IPTV from January 2012.

    The other game, Tourde Star, is a new type of game, with which players are expected to move via cycle, the arcade game platform. Since the game allows players to measure the amount of exercise they have done while playing the game, it offers the positive function of health improvement among other advantages.

    Since this game allows members of a family to enjoy a bicycle race, a feature which distinguishes it from other games, it is expected to bring in orders worth 500 million won, primarily from welfare centers nationwide throughout the year 2012. Considering the export contracts already under negotiation, the game is expected to post up to 2 billion won in sales in foreign markets.