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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government and NHN Sign MOU for Comprehensive Cooperative Relations

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) titled ‘Seoul City – NHN Comprehensive Alliance MOU for Mutual Cooperation’ with NHN, the operator of the nation’s top search portal Naver, with the aim of enhancing the city government’s PR and improving citizens’ access to city information.

    Under the agreement, citizens will be able to easily access diverse sources of information produced by the city government concerning major events, welfare undertakings and projects, traditional markets, ‘theme places’ (communities that boast unique themes), ‘village communities’ (communities that have created village-like atmospheres in Seoul), arts and cultural facilities, and parks.

    NHN plans to provide information about Seoul to the public via its diverse platforms including searches, maps, Navercast and Wingbus. It is also planning to provide SNS education to Seoul City officials.

    Naver holds a market share of about 50% in Korea, receiving about 18 million daily visits. As such, the city government has high expectations that its citizens will be able to access useful city information much more easily through this agreement.

    Speaking of the MOU, Mayor Park Won Soon said, “We have signed this agreement so that many more citizens can gain access to the policies of the city government and other useful information for their daily lives,” adding, “The provincial government will continue enhancing its collaboration with the private sector to upgrade our citizens’ access to information.” Meanwhile, the city plans to expand its cooperation with Naver to the area of mobile telecommunications in the near future.