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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government and FC Seoul Team Up to Invite 10,000 Foreigners to Pro Soccer Match

  • Integrated News SMG 2481

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government invited 10,000 foreigners to a big match between Seoul-based FC Seoul and Daejeon Citizens, and held the “Second FC Seoul Expats Day with the Seoul Global Center” at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong at 2 pm on September 24, thus giving foreign residents an opportunity to watch the game and enjoy various additional events.

    Photos from the 2010 Expats’ Day event

    With this event the Seoul Metropolitan Government aimed to provide a venue for communication between Seoul’s citizens and its foreign residents, and give foreigners an opportunity to experience diverse aspects of living in Seoul through Korea’s unique sporting culture, thereby helping them to better understand Korean culture.

    A range of sports activities and programs were conducted as pre-match events outside the stadium, including performances by B-boys and female cheerleaders; a power game using speed guns; taking shots at the goal; photo-taking against a backdrop composed of a character and a photo wall; a traditional Korean costume experience; and sampling traditional foods from three countries, including Colombia.

    Notably, for an entrance fee of just 10,000 won, foreigners, as honored guests of the event, were provided with free food and drinks, including beers and hotdogs, which enabled them to enjoy the sports festival at a low cost.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Global Center plans to develop ways of diversifying programs inviting foreigners to sports events and to expand the scale of such events in the future by checking the responses of the participants in the event and taking into consideration their requests.