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  • Seoul Metropolitan City’s Tweeter Offers Instant Matchmaking Gathering

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    Seoul Metropolitan City’s twitter @seoulmania will hold the “Second Heart-Beating Instant Matchmaking Gathering” at Yeouido Hangang Park on May 10 to help single men and women who use social network services to find a spouse.

    File photos of the First Hi Seoul Single Men and Women’s Instant Matchmaking Gathering

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to offer an enjoyable venue where singles can get together by arranging a two-hour recreation session designed to help the participants to open their hearts, followed by a special hour-long cultural performance.

    Seoul citizens who want to apply for the gathering are requested to send a memo to the Seoul Metropolitan City twitter @seoulmania, or post a secretive message on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s official blog at http://blog.seoul.go.kr by May 2.

    The organizers plan to guide the participants to introduce themselves in a natural fashion through recreational activities during the two-hour recreation session. The participants will then watch a comic puppet show by two male performers, who will perform aboard a traditional wagon at 3 pm. After that, interested participants will be free to watch various performances at the Hi Seoul Festival, which will continue late into the night.

    If participants successfully find a partner through this instant matchmaking event, Seoul Metropolitan City will provide them with an opportunity to propose at “The Wall of Proposals” at Dumuldari (Bridge) in Cheonggyecheon or the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain at Banpodaegyo.

    For further information on the event, please dial +82-2-120 or +82-2-731-6395