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  • Seoul Metropolitan Archives Project

  • Evaluation ResultUrban admin 6683

    ○ Outcome of Design Evaluation

    ✓Project Outline
    Project NameSeoul Metropolitan Archives Project
    Ordering InstitutionArchitecture Division, Construction Bureau, Office of Infrastructure Management, Seoul Metropolitan Government (+82-2-3708-2651, hjlee0815@seoul.go.kr)
    Land Locationmountain 1-61 nock byun dong Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul
    Land Area8,998 ㎡Architecture SizeB2/4F, Floor area (15,610㎡)
    Design Cost1,542,000 (Unit: ₩1,000)
    ✓Outline to Design Entry
    Entry MethodCommon Public Entry.
    Entry StateEntry application: 33 case, Accepted entry: 10 case
    ✓Ways of Evaluation
    Date14:00~18:00 (Thu), 2014.12.18
    Name (Occupation)Kim Hong Gi (Soongsil University)
    I Jun Seock (Myungji University)
    Baeck Jin (Seoul University)
    Ryu Jun Hi (kyonggi University)
    Sim Jae Hyun (Sejong University)
    Name (Occupation)
    ✓Evaluation Outcome
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Selected WorkHae an Architect OfficeYun Se HanRight of Contract
    Aerial View, etc    당선
    Judge for Prized Work
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Excellence PrizeHang Rim Architect OfficeI Yong Ho40,000 (Unit: ₩1,000)
    Aerial View, etc    우수
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Runner-upYu Sun Engineering Architect OfficeJo Yong Don30,000 (Unit: ₩1,000)
    Aerial View, etc    가작1