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  • Seoul Metro to conduct a full-scale safety drill on May 30

  • Press Releases SMG 320
    • A comprehensive drill to prepare in case of fire and terrorist explosives to be held at Mia Subway Station on May 30
    • As part of the “Ulji-Taegeuk Exercise,” a total of 280 citizens and people from fire stations, police stations, military units and district offices to participate in the exercise
    • 30 preschool children to join the drill for the first time in the history of the subway exercise

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 30, 2019 — The Seoul Metro announced that it will conduct a full-scale drill to prepare in case of any disaster that may occur in the subway as part of the “Ulji-Taegeuk Exercise.”

    The Ulji-Taegeuk Exercise is a national safety preparation exercise and conducted once a year by the government to proactively cope with national crisis situations, wars and other emergency situations. This year it is scheduled to take place from May 27 through 30, 2019. Until last year, it has been called “Ulji Exercise,” its name is changed into Ulji-Taegeuk Exercise” from this year.

    The Seoul Metro’s drill will be held at Mia Subway Station for an hour from 1 p.m. on May 30. Under a mock situation that terrorists placed explosives at a subway platform and a fire breaks out, station staff members first put out the fire in its early stage, let injured citizens and kids evacuate, and then ask for cooperation from related organizations for extinguishing the fire and saving lives.

    A total of 280 people from eight organizations including the Seoul Metro, fire stations, police stations, military units and district offices will participate in the exercise. It will be aired in real time using sophisticated high-tech equipment, such as helmet cameras and beam projectors. The real-time video can be seen at a field command post at the subway station.

    30 preschool children will participate in the drill for the first time in the history of the subway exercise. When the fire happens at the station, the kids will receive the wet handkerchiefs from the staff to cover their noses and mouths and exercise the evacuation. During the exercise, subway trains will be operated normally, and announcements will be made to inform the passengers of the drill.

    The most important things in the event of fire and other disasters in the subway is the staff’s swift and right action and the citizens’ cooperation to minimize casualties. The Seoul Metro expects that the comprehensive drill this time will greatly contribute to raising the citizens’ sense of safety. Meanwhile, each subway station carries out safety drills four times a year (one joint exercise and three exercises of their own) assuming various disaster situations.