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  • Seoul Metro Shares Its 45-Year Subway Safety Expertise With Mongolia

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    Seoul Metro is holding an online training session to “support the establishment of a mid to long-term roadmap and execution plan for Mongolian railway safety advancement” in cooperation with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) from Mon, Sep. 27 to Wed, Oct. 6, 2021.

    This training is provided as part of the global training project led by KOICA. It targets government officials, engineers, researchers and policymakers of developing countries with a goal to foster human resources that will lead economic development for the international society.

    For the training, which is held for ten days targeting 21 officials of the Mongolian Ministry of Road and Transport Development and its subsidiaries, Seoul Metro established a plan to successfully pass on the expertise it has built by operating the subway system for a long period of time since the opening of Seoul Metro line 1 in 1974 based on its management goal to provide “Safe Urban Railway and Convenient Transportation Service.” In addition, after the training is completed, Seoul Metro will continue providing information on railway safety as requested by the trainees through a separate online channel.

    In May 2019, Seoul Metro held its Global Railway Academy for the safety managers of Ulaanbaatar Railway of Mongolia about the worksite safety rules and the related regulations, which are a safety system applied to the subway in Seoul, mechanical facility analysis and control system (SAMBA) and a field trip to Smart Safety Experience Center, safety and health management system, a study on disaster and accident prevention, worksite risk measuring and inspection, and workers’ stress management.

    2021 Seoul Metro–Mongolia Global Online Academy Opening Ceremony

    2021 Seoul Metro–Mongolia Global Online Academy Opening Ceremony
    2021 seoul metro ~ mongolia global online academy technical assistance for developing startegic plan and roadmap for rail safety excellence of mongolia sept 27~oct 6, 2021 Beyond the limit to the new world
    Trainees participating in the opening ceremony held at 12 PM on Mon, Sep. 27.