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  • Seoul Metro Launches Special Committee for Handicapped on the Subway

  • Transport News SMG 3145

    In order to reflect the opinions of the disabled in regards to the installation and operation of facilities in the subway station — from the entrance to the subway train — Seoul Metro launched the “Special Committee for the Handicapped on the Subway,” on February 4.

    The committee is comprised of seven members: five activists from handicapped associations and two high officials from public corporations, and the members will participate in investigating the problems of amenities and finding improvement areas for the disabled.

    For the past several years, Seoul Metro has exerted considerable efforts in building facilities for the handicapped (E/V). To make sure the disabled use the amenities in a more convenient manner, guide signs and the transfer system will be improved and complemented.

    The research on improving the amenities for the disabled will be conducted by the committee, and after carrying out the study on five sample subway stations (busy and transfer stations), until March 2015, as the first step, 115 stations will be subsequently investigated by November.

    Based on the research, Seoul Metro will announce its plan to improve the subway conditions for the handicapped, in December 2015.