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  • Seoul Metro to Enhance Manila’s Subway System Based on Its 42 Years of Expertise

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    Seoul Metro, the company that operates Seoul’s Subway Lines 1 through 4, announced that it had won a bid and signed a contract for an operation and maintenance consulting project for Manila’s Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3), a project worth KRW 1.3 billion. The bid was placed by the Department of Transportation and Communications of the Philippines.

    Seoul Metro is now tasked with increasing the efficiency of the operation and maintenance of the MRT-3 Line, which was opened in 1999 and designed to run at a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour. However, due to maintenance difficulties, it currently runs below 40 kilometers per hour. Therefore, The Philippines’ Department of Transportation and Communications launched this project to enhance the operational speed of the subway line by learning more advanced ways to operate and maintain the system. Another part of this project involves the manufacturing of new subway cars for the MRT-3 Line, and Seoul Metro will be responsible for supervising the manufacturing process.

    Since first entering the overseas urban railway market in 2008, Seoul Metro has won bids for a seven-year project to design the tracks for Ho Chi Minh City’s Metro Line 1 in Vietnam and a project to improve the signals for the subway system in Bangladesh. Currently, the company is preparing to participate in the construction of Ho Chi Minh City Metro Line 5 and the airport railway project in Vietnam, allowing it to establish a solid foothold in the Southeast Asian urban railway market.