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  • Seoul Mayor to Visit 3 Cities in China in Early August to Promote Tourism

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    Starting with Mayor Park Won Soon’s visit to three cities in China—Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing—to promote tourism in Seoul from August 2, 2015, the public and private sectors will work together on the promotion and marketing of Seoul as a tourist destination in China and Southeast Asia, making considerable efforts to normalize the tourism market.

    In his capacity as head of the Headquarters for Tourism Measures, Mayor Park Won Soon emphasized tourism as a means of quickly reviving Seoul’s economy in the aftermath of the MERS outbreak and is personally leading the efforts to revitalize the stagnant tourism market in Seoul.

    “Due to the recent MERS outbreak, a great many tourists have cancelled their trips to Seoul, causing considerable difficulty for not only tourism businesses, such as travel agencies, transportation companies, and food and hospitality businesses, but also for Seoul’s overall economy,” remarked Mayor Park Won Soon. He added, “At this moment, we have a critical window of opportunity to revive the economy. Therefore, all of us, including the government and private sector, need to work together to quickly breathe life back into our stagnant economy. We will do our best to prevent Seoul from becoming mired in low growth and high unemployment.”

    In addition, at the end of July, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a meeting with tourism businesses and related organizations, titled the “Joint Meeting of Tourism Businesses and Economic Organizations for the Rapid Revitalization of Seoul’s Economy Following the MERS Outbreak.” Through this meeting, the city government plans to actively seek out and identify measures and precedents for public and private sector cooperation in order to revitalize tourism. Moreover, the government will strive to reflect the perspectives of the tourism industry and economic organizations in its policies as much as possible, and implement such policies promptly.