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  • Seoul Mayor Seeks Creative Policy Ideas from Citizens

  • SMG 4059

    If an idea strikes you, like, “It would be great if this can be implemented as policy, since it would benefit many citizens,” while riding the bus, walking down the street, or visiting a community service center, kindly visit Seoul City Hall and present such suggestion on September 28. Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon as well as Assistant Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Director Generals at the Seoul Metropolitan Government will install at the city hall 14 booths on all fields of city administration including transportation, environment, and welfare and receive citizens throughout the day.

    The city government announced that it would be holding the “Policy Idea Market,” which marks its second year this year, for 8 hours from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, September 28. Held as part of the “Hope Seoul Idea Expo 2013” the Policy Idea Market is an event wherein citizens are invited to suggest policy ideas freely.

    Notably, this year’s event serves as an occasion wherein not only senior Seoul Metropolitan Government officials but also more than 20 experts from the private sector including college professors and researchers gather together, review ideas, and deliberate on them. The event has also been organized such that citizens are able to suggest ideas of similar nature at a single booth by integrating into and placing as single booths those issues from which many ideas are suggested by citizens and which are related to each other, including welfare and women, housing and urban planning, and safety and infrastructure. Booths where more citizens suggest ideas including those on transportation, welfare, and housing are set up to be larger in size and placed closer to the entrance to allow citizens to find them easily. Mayor Park Won Soon will visit different booths, listen to citizens’ suggestions, and reply to them in person on the day.

    Applications for counseling on ideas can be made at the venue on the day; if one suggests an idea via the “Hope Seoul Idea Expo 2013” website (http://ideaexpo.seoul.go.kr) in advance, however, the idea will be relayed to the respective offices, headquarters, and bureaus prior to the event. The citizens who suggest such ideas will then be able to get more in-depth answers onsite at the venue. Even if one makes an application in advance, however, the suggested idea will only be valid if one receives onsite counseling on the day.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will check with the offices and departments in charge whether the ideas suggested on the day will be reflected on policy and announce the results within 15 days. If an idea is reflected as Seoul Metropolitan City’s policy, the citizen who suggests the idea will be given a gift certificate worth 50,000 ~ 100,000 won. Exceptionally great ideas suggested will be recommended as candidates for the citizens’ suggestion category of Hope Seoul Creativity Awards in December. The winning idea will earn the proposer 1 ~ 4 million won in prize money.

    In addition, citizens who visited the site on the day will be able to view exhibits and figure out how many and in what ways ideas deemed excellent at the “Policy Idea Market 2012” are being implemented. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will also display through illustrations citizens’ ideas that were adopted and implemented as policy for the past two years. Of the ideas suggested through last year’s Policy Idea Market, “Improvement of audio announcement made when the credit balance remaining in the bus pass card is insufficient” was adopted as policy; it is currently being implemented on a trial basis.