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  • Seoul mayor promises ‘good-tasting, healthy’ tap-water

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    Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon wrapped up the three-day Seoul International Symposium on Waterworks 2010 on Friday with a promising outlook on the city’s water quality, Seoul City said. An estimated 800 experts in the waterworks field from around the world gathered in the nation’s capital on Sept. 1 for in-depth discussions on policies and green technologies to cope with climate change. John Batten, chair of the International Council of the American Water Works Association, and Hiroaki Tanaka, environment quality professor of Kyoto University, were among the participants.

    Mayor Oh in his welcoming speech said the city has been making various efforts to advance the quality of Seoul’s tap water, referred to as “Arisu,” to “good-tasting and healthy” from simply “clean and safe.”

    He also said that he looked forward to the symposium which provides a key opportunity for exchanging views on providing clean water and the challenges facing humanity.

    Recognized efforts taken by the Seoul Metropolitan Government include sharing relevant information authorized by the World Health Organization, operating a 24-hour automatic monitoring system for Seoul’s tap water called “Water-Now System,” running free water-quality inspections through the “Arisu Quality Confirmation System,” developing waterworks technologies, and using solar energy and hydroelectric power.

    Seoul City received the UN Public Administration Service Award last year for its efforts on the “Water-Now System” and the “Arisu Quality Confirmation System.” This year, the nation’s capital received an international award as a “top institution of the year” and a “water industry innovation award” from the International Water Association.