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  • Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon Promotes Tourism in Seoul with China-based Stars

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    On August 5, 2015, the last day of his trip to China, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon held the “Day of Seoul” event on the streets of Wangfujing, the busiest district in Beijing, to promote tourism in Seoul. Joining in the festivities were Kangta, a South Korean pop singer who is considered one of the initiators of the Korean Wave, and Cheney Chen, a celebrated Chinese star.

    Inside an outdoor café in Wangfujing, Mayor Park, Kangta, Cheney Chen, and a K-pop dance troupe made up of 100 dancers participated in a spectacular flash mob dance to K-pop music. Afterwards, a ceremony was held to appoint Kangta and Cheney Chen as honorary ambassadors of Seoul. Mayor Park and the two honorary ambassadors took the time to speak with Beijing citizens attending the event, pointing out to them the various attractions of Seoul. They also hosted a quiz show featuring trivia about Seoul and participated in photo shoots.

    Mayor Park also visited China International Travel Service (CITS), a leading enterprise in China’s travel industry, and gave a briefing on the newest tourist destinations in Seoul and Seoul City’s policies aimed at supporting foreign outbound travel agencies. Finally, during his visit to CYTS Tours, another Chinese travel agency, he shared his opinions on the development of tourism products.