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  • Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon attends World Mayors Summit on Climate Change in Paris

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    Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon attended the World Mayors Summit on Climate Change and the Climate Action Day event, which were held in Paris over a period of three nights and five days. The UNFCCC COP 21 (November 30 to December 11, 2015) was held to establish the New Climate Regime, which will apply to all countries in 2020 and thereafter, and reach a consensus on a new climate convention.

    This time, Mayor Park served as the chair of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), in which over 1,200 cities and local governments from all over the world took part, and successfully led everyone in attendance to a consensus on the new climate system, which was the main goal of this year’s meeting.

    The World Mayors Summit on Climate Change was held in Paris on December 4 to discuss the roles of cities in the reduction of greenhouse gases following the launch of the new climate system and how cities will implement the system. The Summit was attended by over 800 people, including notable figures such as Mayor Park Won Soon, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, Mr. Michael Bloomberg, who served as the UN General Secretary’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, and the mayors of Chicago, Berlin, and Sydney.

    Mayor Park took part in the opening session, held under the theme “City Solutions,” as a panelist, in addition to serving as co-chair emeritus. Delivering the keynote speech at the opening ceremony was French President François Hollande.

    Following the opening session, the Paris City Hall Declaration, the major achievement of the Summit, was adopted by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes, Mr. Michael Bloomberg, and all other mayors present at the meeting.

    At the the UNFCCC-related Climate Action Day event held on December 5 in Paris’s Le Bourget (Blue Zone), with over 1,300 people in attendance, including representatives of local governments, businesses, and civic societies and press media, Mayor Park gave a speech on the achievements made by Seoul, a leading city in climate change-related matters.

    On December 6, Mayor Park presided over the meetings of the ICLEI Board of Directors and Global Executive Committee and adopted the ICLEI declaration, urging national governments to recognize the role of cities and local governments in climate change-related matters and establish long-term, specific objectives for climate mitigation and adaptation. The declaration was officially presented at an ancillary event of the ICLEI-led UNFCCC on December 7.

    Before starting his official schedule in Paris, Mayor Park stopped at the Republic Square to pay homage to the victims of the terrorist attacks that occurred in the city on November 13.