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  • Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon Announces Seoul’s Management Strategy for World’s Top 5 Cities at Harvard University

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    During his current visit to the U.S.A., Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon will deliver a lecture entitled, “Seoul 9 to 5 Creative Governance” at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University on April 18 (U.S. time).

    In his lecture, Mayor Oh will promote “Seoul’s urban competitiveness,” which increased sharply over the last five years, from 27th place in 2006 to ninth in 2010, and the excellence of the “Creative city administration which has transformed Seoul.”

    As examples of the “Creative City Administration” that has spearheaded Seoul City’s ongoing transformation, he will introduce the innovative administrative civil counseling service, namely the 120 Dasan Call Center, which has earned global recognition, and “Oasis of Ten Million People’s Imagination,” an online communication channel linking Seoul City and its ten million citizens.

    Singling out “design” as the driving force of creativity that has changed Seoul City, Mayor Oh will explain that he has been developing Seoul by emphasizing “Design is everything!” since his election as mayor, noting that the 21st century is an era of competition for ‘charm’.

    Finally, pointing out that “Seoul City is undergoing a somewhat disorderly period due to unemployment problems and controversy over public welfare,” Mayor Oh will stress that “Seoul is faced with the challenge of overcoming these difficult problems and of increasing its rankings in terms of its urban competitiveness. But if the city continues moving ahead to achieve the goals it has set itself, it should be able to reach the target of fifth place in the global urban competitiveness rankings by 2014.”

    Mayor Oh said, “It will be a meaningful occasion to share Seoul’s vision of entering the Global Top 5 with the global leaders of the future,” adding, “I will introduce Seoul’s urban competitiveness and the city’s attractive brand to global leaders and share ideas with them.” Meanwhile, Mayor Oh will visit the Big Dig, a deep underground tunnel, and the ‘Innovation District’, an urban redevelopment project in Boston, on the first day of his U.S. visit in the morning on April 18.

    The Big Dig, Boston’s representative urban redevelopment project, has involved the removal of the city’s elevated highways and the construction of a 5.6km-long underground tunnel, parks and green areas. The project is highly regarded as an exemplary model of a “21st century development project that has revitalized a city.”

    Mayor Oh will follow this up with a visit to the “Innovation District,” a redevelopment project that is transforming an underdeveloped waterfront area in southern Boston into an innovative and creative business and residential district. Ultimately, Mayor Oh plans to refer to this project in Seoul City’s development of Sangam-dong DMC, which comprises a cluster of global media and entertainment enterprises, and encompasses residential areas and parks.