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  • Seoul Mayor and Jeju Governor engaging in tourism marketing in Shanghai

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    On August 3, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon and Jeju Governor Won Hee-Ryong engaged in tourism marketing in Shanghai, China, in an effort to reverse the significant decline in Chinese tourists to Korea caused by the 70-day MERS crisis. Statistics show that Seoul and Jejudo Island are the two destinations in Korea most favored by Chinese tourists, and thus have been the hardest hit by the decline.

    Mayor Park and Governor Won met with Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong to ask for his cooperation in encouraging the residents of his city to resume their trips to South Korea, as the MERS crisis has now been completely resolved. The two local government heads then paid a visit to the headquarters of Ctrip, the largest online travel agency in China, to further promote tourism to Korea.

    The two gave a briefing on their newly developed tourism resources and support policy for foreign travel agencies, and asked Ctrip to develop tourism products linking Seoul and Jejudo Island, as the two regions are the most favored destinations of 70 percent of the Chinese tourists visiting South Korea. The two also discussed measures designed specifically to satisfy the needs of Chinese tourists with Ctrip representatives.

    On the morning of August 3 (Monday), Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon visited small Korean shops in the Korean Pavilion of the Qipu Road Clothing Wholesale Market, Shanghai, to which KRW 200 billion worth of clothing made in Seoul’s Dongdaemun Market is exported every year. That afternoon, Mayor Park met with President Peng Chun of China’s Bank of Communications, one of the top five banks in China, and suggested that the bank open a financial R&D center in Seoul to serve as a financial hub of Asia. During their meeting, Mayor Park and President Peng also promised to work together to establish a system of support for businesses of both countries operating in foreign countries.