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  • Seoul Mandates the Installment of ‘95% Fine Dust-filtering’ Ventilation Equipment in New Buildings

  • Urban Planning News SMG 2024

    New construction, extension, and remodeling of buildings in Seoul will require the installment of ‘mechanical ventilation equipment’ that will filter out more than 95% of fine dust. These buildings will also be required to install the eco-friendly condensing boilers that reduce 77% of nitrogen oxide, which is the main cause of fine dust, as compared to regular boilers.

    This is the attempt to filter out fine dust that flow into buildings and reduce the formation of fine dust within buildings to provide citizens who spend many hours in buildings with a safe indoor environment that protects against fine dust.

    Seoul examined the [Green Building Standards] and established plans to increase ‘Green Buildings’ by applying them to cases requesting construction approval from City Hall and the district office from February 24, in an effort to reduce fine dust. Upon approval for construction by Seoul City and autonomous districts, the mandated installments will be implemented by checking to see whether Green Building Standards were reflected in construction designs.

    Furthermore, the new building standard mandates that residential buildings with more than thirty households and non-residential buildings of more than 3,000m2 in total area must install solar-powered equipment that amounts to 5% capacity of the ground area.