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  • SEOUL MADE Collaborates with Seoul’s Leading Brands for New Product Release This Year Targeting Millennials and Gen Z

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    SEOUL MADE is rolling out new products and content through brand merchandising in collaboration with Seoul’s leading brands loved by Millennials and Gen Z to embody the lifestyles and vibes of Seoul.

    SEOUL MADE is a public brand launched by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) in 2019 to promote communication with young consumers in Korea and abroad. With its logo applied to products of Seoul-based brands, SEOUL BRAND develops and discovers a variety of products and services expressing the vibes of Seoul, while suggesting new experiences and lifestyles to Millennials and Gen Z across the world.

    A total of 15 brands have been selected to collaborate with SEOUL MADE through an open call for submissions, and the collaboration products and services will be released within this year.

    Some of the participating Seoul-based brands include Taegeukdang, the oldest bakery in Seoul that has been in business for 76 years since 1946 that is drawing attention of the “newtro” trend-loving Millennials and Gen Z consumers, as well as LMC, a leading street fashion brand hugely popular among young fashionistas.

    The SBA had developed around 100 products through collaboration with 15 brands for the first project last year. It also gave a presentation through 29CM PT, a popular online store, to introduce the SEOUL MADE brand to approximately 100,000 visitors.

    This year’s collaboration project is aimed at rolling out products under the theme of “Seoul Meconomy” to reflect the characteristic of Millennials and Gen Z pursuing “self-interested consumption.”

    In addition, “Seoul content” has been newly added to the existing four product categories—Seoul taste, Seoul charms, Seoul safety, and Seoul convenience—to cover the tertiary sector, including services. This is aimed at expanding the range of SEOUL MADE brand, and further solidifying its brand identity. In this process, collaborating businesses will be provided financial assistance for product and service development as well as publicity support by way of merchandising space, magazine features, and social media outlets along with an opportunity to use the SEOUL MADE logo.

    ※SEOUL MADE Collaboration Products in 2020

    SEOUL MADE Collaboration Products in 2020
    Products-1 Products-2 Products-3

    ※ Photography
    Planning: Jo Ji-seon, Design Press (designpress2016@naver.com)
    Photoshoot: Lee Myeong-su (APRO_E Studio)
    Styling: Lee Na-gyeong (CALLA 7)