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  • Seoul Looks at Foreigners’ Problems from the Viewpoint of a Foreigner

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is looking for fifty native Koreans and foreigners wishing to participate in its ‘Seoul Quality of Life Monitors, a program in which foreign residents will monitor the everyday problems facing non-Koreans, from January 30 to February 10.

    The foreign population in Seoul has continued rising to reach over 360,000, accounting for approximately 3.6% of the total population, but no foreigners have participated in the Seoul Monitoring program thus far.

    To remedy this, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to manage a monitoring team composed exclusively of foreigners to help foreigners residing in Seoul improve the quality of their lives and settle down faster.

    The monitoring team, dubbed the ‘Seoul Quality of Life Monitors, will address various problems and improvement issues for foreigners, such as transportation, medical services, and housing, while also proposing foreign resident related policies. In other words, the team members will serve as a window for foreigners since they will see and feel matters from the perspective of a foreigner, and point out details that Koreans fail to see. To qualify to join the Seoul Quality of Life Monitors, applicants must have resided in Seoul for more than one year and be able to speak English or Korean. Any foreigners or naturalized citizens who are interested in Seoul can volunteer to join.

    The ‘Seoul Quality of Life Monitorsis a volunteer program, but some financial assistance will be provided depending on the activity. If you’re interested in participating in the program, fill out an application form and send it via email, fax, or mail, or you may visit the office in person to submit your application by hand. (Email: monitor@seoul.go.kr, Representative: Ju Jin-a (+82-2-2171-2833))

    Visit the Seoul Global Center’s website (global.seoul.go.kr) for further information on application.