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  • Seoul Links the World with its Beauty and Fashion via SNS

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    As the success of K-pop and Korean TV dramas in today’s international markets begins to attract international fans to the unique beauty and highly developed fashion sense of Seoul women, the latest beauty and style tips and information on Seoul’s fashion trends are sent via SNS to all everyone who wants them.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government recently announced its special competitive event for K-pop and Korean drama fans around the world who are interested in sharing their fashion and beauty tips through the city’s official Japanese language website and SNS. The Seoul Trendy Life Style – Beauty & Fashion event is currently taking place for ten days from February 1 to 10, 2012.

    Participants in the event are required to upload to their own SNS one or more pictures or videos capturing their particular look, which should feature Korean brand beauty products and creative fashion style, and to submit their URL to the event page of Seoul’s official website. Participants in Europe,  North America and South-East Asia are required to use Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/hiseoul), while Japanese participants must use the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website (http://japanese.seoul.go.kr) and Chinese participants the Sina Weibo (http://www.weibo.com/seoulblogger).

    The event will produce six winners who will be offered a rare opportunity to enjoy Seoul’s latest makeup and styling trends, and attend a private party and performance featuring some of the top hallyu (Korean Wave) stars. The winners will also be offered a fabulous opportunity to turn themselves into the city’s leading fashionistas and share their dramatic transformation with the rest of the world in real time via photos and SNS.

    In the recent announcement, the Seoul Metropolitan Government also said that it would grant fashion-minded men and women all around the world better access to Seoul’s latest fashion and beauty trends, in a bid to attract them to the city to experience the Seoul fashion craze in a more direct manner.

    Seoul expects this event will give extra impetus to its effort to offer the city’s many global fans the latest information on its vibrant lifestyle and considerable charms, and thereby direct their interest to the city’s many other cultural contents including food and entertainment.