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  • “Seoul Learn” Starts to Bridge Educational Gap in Non-contact Era

  • Press Releases SMG 306
    • Seoul starts new project, “Seoul Learn,” to support the learning of adolescents from lower-income classes
    • Introduction (in 2021): Provide educational content and mentoring services to underprivileged students
    • Settlement (in 2022): Build a platform with cutting edge educational technologies and expand the support to adolescents from other classes and young adults
    • Expansion (in 2023): Complete building the platform and give lifelong educational opportunities to all citizens in harmony with their life cycle.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 10, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has prepared a basic plan to establish its own educational platform, tentatively named “Seoul Learn,” to resolve the widening educational disparity. The city government set a goal to complete building the platform that provides necessary educational services for each stage of citizens’ lives.

    According to its plan, the platform will serve all citizens, from teenagers to young adults, for three years from 2021.

    The basic plan to establish “Seoul Learn” contains eight challenges in three sectors to create “a fair, sustainable, and innovative city” along with a vision to “increase social mobility by restoring the‘educational ladder.”

    Remote learning amidst the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated the already widening educational gap while students from lower-income classes were left behind. At the same time, advances in educational technologies (edutech) and expanded remote classes are calling for innovative traditional educational methods.

    In the introduction stage in 2021, Seoul will offer various online educational content to disadvantaged teenagers struggling to access learning resources for socio-economic reasons.

    Educational content using games and famous cartoons will be provided to elementary school students, while middle to high school students will receive quality lecture series relevant to their major school subjects.

    For adolescents interested in job searching after graduation, the city is planning to provide the fourth industry-related training, such as coding, and special lectures to help them achieve professional licenses, like Computer-aided Tax Accounting license. In addition, tailored mentoring services will be offered to give additional support if students find that taking online courses is insufficient.

    In the settlement stage in 2022, the target of the plan will be expanded to other teenagers and even young adults. Also, the content will be more varied, including music, art, and IT other than just main school subjects. Furthermore, the SMG will strengthen the job searching capacities of students by collaborating with educational programs of renowned companies in the field. Special mentoring sessions will also be available for underprivileged students who are studying art or sport.

    Along with this, Seoul-type educational platforms equipped with edutech are under construction.

    The platform, which can accumulate big data and provide AI services, is expected to be the foundation for tailored educational services for each individual student.

    Lastly, in the expansion stage in 2023, the settled platform will provide lifelong educational services to all citizens based on their life cycle. This will be an opportunity of self-directed learning for adolescents, reinforced work capacities for young job seekers, and life planning for general citizens.

    At the end of August, SMG begins its online learning services for students from underprivileged families, teenagers dropped out of schools or from multi-cultural families. Seoul will also run the Seoul Learn Online Mentoring Group with selected undergraduate and graduate students. The mentors will manage students’ learning and give advice to them online.

    “In order to restore the educational ladder by closing the learning gap, we came up with the basic plan to establish Seoul-style educational platform,” said Lee Dae-Hyun, Director General of Lifelong Learning Bureau. “To be ready for the network-type future education of the fourth industrial revolution era, Seoul will make this platform a lifelong learning platform that provides every essential education for each step of our citizens’ lives.”