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  • Seoul Launches Tourism Mobile App, iTourSeoul+

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced the launch of iTourSeoul+, a mobile app dedicated to tourism in Seoul, through which tourists can access real-time information on transportation, accommodations, and performances based on their current location. The app includes a variety of features such as ‘Top 10 Tourist Attractions’ as well as information on festivals, events, and recommended travel courses.

    Tourists can also use the app to find information on bus stops and real-time bus schedules (including bus arrival time) simply by typing in their current or desired location. This convenient feature is particularly useful for tourists who may be unfamiliar with how to use public transportation to travel around Seoul. Location services are also used by the app to provide users with nearby accommodation and performance venue information; each database is complete with a direct link for online reservations.

    The iTourSeoul+ app uses “Augmented Reality (AR)” technology to connect on and offline information. App users who pick up the “Seoul Tourism Guidebook,” available for free at over 40 tourist information centers, can get additional information by using their smartphone and the iTourSeoul+ app to scan certain pages in the guidebook.

    By activating the “AR” button on the menu in the app and scanning the map in the “Seoul Tourism Guidebook”, users can view a map of tourist attractions, restaurants, performances, and shopping districts right on the screen of their smartphone. Users need only to tap a location on the map for even more information about that particular location.

    iTourSeoul+ is available in five languages—Korean, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese—and can be downloaded free of charge from all major app stores.

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