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  • Seoul Launches Second Foreign Residents Council with Forty-five Representatives from Twenty-six Countries

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    Seoul Launches Second Foreign Residents Council with Forty-five Representatives from Twenty-six Countries

    Seoul will launch the second Foreign Residents Council as a window of communication and governance with foreign residents. In preparation for the increasing cultural diversity of the city population, including over 420,000 foreign residents, Seoul city organized and operated the Foreign Residents Council, a council comprised solely of foreign residents, from December 2015.

    The first Foreign Residents Council, operated for three years from 2016 to 2018, developed policies that would substantially aid foreigners while also encouraging the settlement of grievances. Members also became a permanent advisory body with substantial participation in the process of establishing foreigner-related policies in the city that goes on to be reflected in as many as 80 city policies.

    Primary Cases of Reflected Policy : Native language education for children of married immigrants, mention of family members on the Certificate of Alien Registration, improvement of maps and signboards in Seoul (location of embassies via use of appropriate language, etc.), and more.

    In order to sustain the outcome of the first Foreign Residents Council, Seoul organized a task force from August 2018 for the selection of the second Foreign Residents Council, and following a public recruitment and fair selection process, the second Foreigner Residents Council was created.

    The second Foreign Residents Council is composed of 45 representatives of 26 countries in accordance with the number of foreigners staying in Seoul and will have an active term of two years. Members include 11 representatives from Central Asia, seven from China, five from South Asia, five from Europe, four from Vietnam, and more.

    The Foreign Residents Council will form a subcommittee that will collect opinions, deliberate matters, and directly make proposals related to foreign residents in the city to Mayor Park Won-soon at the General Meetings.