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  • Seoul launches program to help foreign students adapt to new city

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    The Seoul Global Center has joined hands with 12 universities in the nation’s capital to hold orientations for new international students starting their program this month, Seoul City said.

    This orientation program, now being planned, will be designed to provide new foreign students with basic living information to help them smoothly adapt to life in Seoul. The type of basic information to be provided will cover medical treatment, public transportation, obtaining a driver’s license, obtaining a mobile phone, and banking.

    Photos of foreign students receiving orientation11

    The orientation program will also provide foreign students new to Seoul with cultural, educational, and recreational information on cultural relics, travel and public libraries amongst others. The students will also have the chance to ask questions and resolve any issues.

    Seoul City noted that it has already hosted special events for this minority group, such as the International Student Forum held yearly from June to September and the Global Internship Program held yearly during the summer and winter holidays. A specific forum for the new students undergoing the upcoming orientation program will be established as well, Seoul City added.

    The International Student Forum has been adopted as an annual event since the first one was held in 2008. The gathering is aimed at hearing and gathering the views of foreigners on the city’s policies in order to make Seoul a better place to live. It also supports programs that encourage foreigners to visit popular public facilities and participate in cultural activities and programs.