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  • Seoul launches “Pedestrian-Safety-First” Campaign both online and offline jointly with district offices, police, and private sector

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  • Seoul launches “Pedestrian-Safety-First” Campaign both online and offline jointly with district offices, police, and private sector

  • Press Releases SMG 105
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government leads the campaign to protect the pedestrians and ensure the safety of pedestrians
    • The campaign is carried out under the theme of “The owner of the sidewalk is a pedestrian! Let’s walk on the sidewalk and drive your personal mobility on the road!”
    • The campaign is actively promoted toward citizens with autonomous district offices, Korea Transportation Safety Authority, and relevant organizations/companies
    • This campaign is held intensively for a month from November 10 at a time when the revised Road Traffic Act comes into effect

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 3, 2020 – As the use of personal mobility is increasing but causing relevant accidents as well, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched the “Pedestrian-Safety-First Campaign” in order to protect the pedestrians from those “invaders” on the sidewalks.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government asked the local police stations in the capital, including the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, for cooperation through on-site guidance on illegal driving on walkways and the campaign promotion. Furthermore, the city government has conducted another joint campaign with the Seoul office of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, Jung-gu, and Jongno-gu district offices. It has put up banners on the pedestrian roads and has played promotional videos on public transportation to enhance this campaign’s public awareness. In addition, autonomous district offices have actively promoted the campaign both online and offline.

    Not only the companies that signed the agreement with the Seoul Metropolitan Government for the campaign, but also relevant organizations have actively supported the campaign towards their service users. For example, “Olulo,” a sharing service of its electric scooter “Kick Going”; “Beam Mobility,” a sharing platform service of electric scooters; “Woowa Brothers,” a delivery service platform; and the Seoul Quicks Association have joined this campaign.

    This campaign will be held intensively until December 10, when the revised Road Traffic Act comes into effect. The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced to implement the measures to ensure pedestrian safety from various angles even after the campaign.

    Lee Sang-kook, Director of Pedestrian Policy at the city government, said, “The Seoul Metropolitan Government has supported the Pedestrian-Safety-First Campaign to improve the public awareness on pedestrian safety as well as adjusted the relevant policies in an effort to respond the increasing risk factors to pedestrians’ safety, such as personal mobility, bikes, and motorcycles.” “This campaign will not be a one-time event, but Seoul will keep running the campaign until the safety of pedestrians can be ensured. Please keep in mind that it is pedestrians who have priority of passage on the pedestrian road.”