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  • Seoul Launches My-T App for Safe Use of Public Transportation Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Transport News SMG 1426

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is launching the “My-T” smart phone application, which offers notifications of overlapping routes with COVID-19-confirmed individuals, guides to less congested routes and other various services for citizens’ safe use of public transportation during this time of coexistence with an infectious disease.

    GPS location data collected on My-T will be combined and analyzed with data regarding public transportation operations, passengers’ transportation card tags and public Wi-Fi to compare personal passages and travel routes with the movements of confirmed individuals, and notify users of contact with confirmed individuals.

    My-T will offer various services for safe and convenient commutes, such as notifications for infectious disease occurrences, navigations based on passenger congestion, personal detours through passage analysis, and low-floor bus reservations for vulnerable passengers.

    ① Notifications for infectious disease occurrences

    My-T offers real-time information about overlapping routes and notifications of contact with confirmed individuals, which is expected to greatly mitigate the uneasiness of citizens who lack information about the spread of the virus.

    First, app users will receive notifications once it is discovered that they have crossed paths with a confirmed individual. Before, passengers who boarded buses, subways, taxis, etc. operated by confirmed individuals were not considered to have had direct contact, which led to citizens’ uneasiness resulting from a lack of information about the movements of confirmed individuals. My-T will offer a notification service regarding overlapping routes with confirmed individuals to allow citizens to safely use public transportation.

    ② Navigations based on passenger congestions

    The app will offer a navigation service that offers information on the degree of passenger congestion so that users can avoid crowded routes and choose other safer modes of transportation.

    ③ Personal detours through passage analysis

    Personal movement history on buses, subways, taxis, and Ttareungi will be available on the app along with the history of use of public transportation. Combined services with private businesses will be available in the future to offer users coupons, discounts, points, and other benefits.

    ④ Low-floor bus reservations for vulnerable passengers

    Services for vulnerable passengers will be reinforced. A reservation service will be available for wheelchair users of low-floor buses to board at the bus stop of their choice.

    The SMG plans to perfect the service in phases in the next three years. Starting with the safe use service that offers information about overlapping movements with COVID-19-confirmed individuals, the SMG plans to offer mileage accumulations and discounts for public transportation, improve credit ratings through reflection of public transportation use, and return data sales earnings through a merge between MyData and technologies owned by private businesses.