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  • Seoul launches a mobile application for citizens to use 186 public facilities and offer discounts

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    • – Only with an integrated barcode downloaded on the smartphone, citizens are able to use public facilities, borrow books, purchase performance tickets, and more
    • – Citizens can use at 186 city government-run facilities including DDP, Seoul Museum of Art, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, and other sports facilities
    • – The Sejong Center offers 20% discounts and theaters of the Seoul Theater Association provide 30% discounts to those who purchase tickets through the app
    • – Customized information and push notification service are available for due dates or expiration dates, upcoming events, etc.
    • – In addition to public facilities, privately owned restaurants and shops also participate in the partnership
    • – Seoul plans to expand its partnership with national facilities and more private shops

    SEOUL, December 13, 2017 –The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that a new mobile application, dubbed as the Seoul Citizen Card App, has been released as December 11.

    Like a previous plastic card, this app provides the same benefits and discounts at a total of 186 municipal government- and district offices-owned public facilities and performing arts centers as well as partnership-made private restaurants and shops.

    Once users download an integrated barcode on the smartphone, they are allowed to, for instance, enter a public facility, borrow books from a public library, rent toys for kids, and even make a reservation and payment for performance tickets without carrying around a plastic membership card.

    The Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, one of the biggest performing halls in Korea run by the city government, offers 20 percent discounts to those who purchase a ticket for a performance or an exhibition through the app. Theaters of the Seoul Theater Association provide 30 percent discounts.

    Those who install beacons for the Seoul Museum of Art and Dongdaemun Design Plaza on the app and then visit the two places may automatically receive special discount coupons that can be used at nearby restaurants, cafes and shops.

    Currently, the city government made partnerships with 34 private shops, and it continues to increase the number of participating shops.

    The app users are able to search for locations and contact numbers of 670 public organizations and facilities owned by the city government, and also see detailed operation information on 186 facilities they can use a plastic Seoul Citizen Card or its mobile application without visiting each website.

    Customized information, such as list of usage and “push notification” service are available for due dates or expiration dates, upcoming events and other important real-time information.

    As to the payment service, performances and exhibitions at the Sejong Center can be reserved and purchased through the app, and membership fee for Samcheonggak, where affords visitors opportunities to experience Korean traditional culture, can be paid. After analyzing of demands and effects, the city government will increase the number of facilities where payment through the app is possible.

    The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as of December 11, and will be soon on the Apple App Store as well since the city government has requested registration of the app.

    For senior citizens or kids who do not use a smartphone or are not good at a digital device, the previous plastic card can still be used.

    An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “We will build up further partnerships with national facilities the citizens often visit as well as private-run museums and art galleries so that we make this card app one of the must-use applications by the citizens.