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  • Seoul Launches Global Seoul Tourism Campaign with BTS

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    Seoul produced seven advertisements with global boy-band sensation, BTS, to help introduce the appeal and tourist-friendly nature of Seoul. The related contents will be revealed consecutively all over the world starting October 22, via television, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

    The slogan of the seven advertisements incorporates “Live Seoul like I do,” a message inviting viewers to embrace life in Seoul as a Seoulite would, while the concept is defined as “My Seoul Playlist,” through which BTS introduces the appealing side of Seoul.

    Each of the seven advertisements will feature the seven themes pertaining to cuisine, relaxation, sightseeing, entertainment, enjoyment, shopping, and things to do, which were all previously determined through an analysis of tastes and interests among tourists.

    The seven themes are: Delicious Seoul, Relaxing Seoul, Extremely Seoul, Historic Seoul, K-Wave Seoul, Fashionable Seoul, and Exclusive Seoul.

    • Delicious Seoul:Jungkook introduces the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market in Yeouido together with the various tastes of Seoul from food trucks, offering street food that can be easily enjoyed by tourists, to unique restaurants where beef ribs are eaten while standing, in addition to sweet bingsu desserts.
    • Relaxing Seoul:Jimin captures people leisurely walking along the Hanyangdoseong, or Seoul City Wall, joyfully kayaking on the Hangang River, and more.
    • Extreme Seoul:RM portrays the energetic side of Seoul through the breathtaking view from the peak of Bukhansan Mountain that unfolds after rock climbing the mountain’s walls, people enjoying performances at the Waterbomb Festival while being drenched with water, as well as Korea’s massive street rallying for sports events.
    • Historic Seoul:Jin presents traditional martial arts at Namsam Beacon Mound along with activities, such as making traditional white porcelain and touring around museums, providing a glimpse into the history of Seoul.
    • K-Wave Seoul:J-Hope introduces the Korean Wave culture through K-Dance workshops, people dancing freely on K-Star Road, and shopping malls offering cute, miscellaneous goods.
    • Fashionable Seoul:Suga recommends the “K-Beauty” experience through liberating street fashion and culture.
    • Exclusive Seoul:V introduces the elegance of the hanbok and exclusive Korean private dining that stimulates the five senses.

    With the aim of attaining 50 million tourists in Seoul by 2023, Seoul will premiere advertisements containing a variety of tourism-related contents offered throughout the city with the help of BTS in actively publicizing the city’s rise to meet the diversified needs of visiting tourists.

    ① Delicious Seoul

    Delicious Seoul

    ② Relaxing Seoul

    Relaxing Seoul

    ③ Extreme Seoul

    Extreme Seoul

    ④ Historic Seoul

    Historic Seoul

    ⑤ K-Wave Seoul

    K-Wave Seoul

    ⑥ Fashionable Seoul

    Fashionable Seoul

    ⑦ Exclusive Seoul

    Exclusive Seoul