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  • Seoul Launches “Get-Home-Safely Scout” App

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    1. Sign up 2. Select the residential area 3. Set the expected arrival time
    4. Register user information 5. An agent dispatched 6. Press “complete” after getting home


    Seoul Metropolitan Government launches “Get-Home-Safely Scout (안심귀가스카우트)” app for women on November 2nd, 2016. Citizens who want to use this service can download “Get-Home-Safely Scout (안심귀가스카우트)” app on Google Play and App Store (iOS).

    This is how to use the app: Sign up → Log in → Select the residential area or recently selected area → Select area to be dispatched → Set the expected arrival time → Press the Request Scout button.

    After this, an agent receives a push notification → the agent presses the Dispatch button → the user receives a push notification of “An agent dispatched” with a profile of the agent displayed. Seoul Metropolitan Government expects the number of users to keep climbing as it allows easy cancellation and request with a few clicks.

    ■ Get-Home-Safely Scout for Women
    ○ Operating hours: Five-day work week, three hours per day (10pm to 1am Tuesday – Friday, On Mondays 10pm to 12am).
    ○ How to use: Request the service via telephone (30 minutes in advance, call 120 or the situation room of each autonomous district) or via the app (9pm to 12:10am).

    The service of Get-Home-Safely Scout for Women involves “supports for women to get home safely” and “patrols around vulnerable places.” Teams of Scouts consisting of two people will light the dark nights with light sticks and whistles prepared for an emergency and escort women using this service to their doors so that women can get home safely.

    “Patrols around vulnerable places” involves patrolling places where sex crimes frequently occur and adult entertainment establishments are concentrated. The teams will work with police in the autonomous districts and report to police in case of emergencies via one-stop connection.

    Inquiry: Women’s Policy Division 02-2133-5030.