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  • Seoul to Launch First Multicultural Press Corps to Spearhead Multicultural Communication

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government will launch the “Seoul Multicultural Press Corps,” composed of multicultural families residing or working in Seoul. The press corps will cover stories about the daily lives of multicultural families with the aim of raising Seoul citizens’ awareness and understanding of multiculturalism in our society. Through their activities, Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes to create an atmosphere in the city where all Seoul citizens recognize and acknowledge the value of diversity.

    The city government also plans to hold workshops where it will introduce mentors to the press corps members, who are still inexperienced at covering stories and writing articles, in order help improve their writing and photography skills. Moreover, by arranging regular meetings between press corps members and the mentors, the government hopes to improve the quality of the press corps’ news coverage and articles.

      ▶ Submission deadline: September 13, 2015
      ▶ Documents to submit: one copy of the application
      ▶ Where to submit application: dagachipresscorps@gmail.com
      ▶ Official website: www.mcfamily.or.kr
      ▶ Inquiries: 070-8230-8917

      Application Form