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  • Seoul Lantern Festival ends with a bang

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    A throng of people at the Lantern Festival, G20 Lantern, A traditional performance at Japan’s promotion booth  11

    The 2010 Seoul Lantern Festival ended with a bang on Nov. 21 after 17 days of providing inspiring lights and glitter to the city’s Cheonggyecheon (Stream) and its surrounding area.

    Rows of personal lanterns of hope, Gate of Hope of the 2010 Seoul Lantern Festival, Lantern of Global Harmony

    The first year of the country’s “Visit Korea Year 2010-2012” campaign has been auspicious so far, as the Seoul Lantern Festival attracted more than 2.3 million visitors with its exciting glitz from Nov. 5 to 23, Seoul City said. This year’s show, themed “Seoul, a Source of Beaming Hope,” featured 27,000 lamps, which included not only traditional Korean designs but also 567 international works from across 24 countries, such as Japan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia and Africa.

    Edoro-lantern from Japan,Sibaraku Nebuta-lantern from Japan, The Altair and the Vega

    One of the most popular foreign lanterns was the “Dachinaputa,” an eight-meter high lamp from Japan. The grand size and vibrant colors of China’s “Shanghai Yewon” lantern also attracted crowds.

    The lantern party was also popular with the public for its diverse activities.

    Turtle Ship lantern, China’s-Shanghai Yewon lantern

    Another success of the lantern festival was the availability of a cultural interpretation program in various foreign languages to cater to tourists. A particular highlight of the event was the special presentation of intangible cultural assets, such as the performance by a group of Korean “Namsadang Nori (traveling male entertainers)” that is quite rare.