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  • Seoul Lantern Festival 2010 to Light Up Downtown

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    Gate of Hope of the 2010 Seoul Lantern Festival , G20 Lantern

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the 2010 Seoul Lantern Festival is scheduled to be held in the area of Cheonggyecheon Stream from November 5 to 14, 2010.

    Under the theme of “Seoul, a Source of Beaming Hope”, this festival will feature various lanterns from numerous countries. Also, other creative works such as “G20 Lantern” will also be on display.

    The opening ceremony scheduled to be held on Friday at Cheonggye Plaza will feature the sequential lighting of an eight-meter-tall lantern structure named the “Gate of Hope” and about 27-thousand lanterns from twenty-four countries.

    Lantern of Global Harmony, Yewon Lantern of Shanghai, Sibaraku Nebuta of Aomori, Japan

    Delegates from home and abroad are expected to attend the opening ceremony including mayor of Seoul, Oh Se-Hoon, chief of the Seoul City Council, Huh Gwang-Tae and members of the Visit Korea Year committee. Performances of jazz and fusion music bands, the Yeosu Traditional Band and the group Beast will highlight the celebration.

    During the opening ceremony, actor Lee Byung-Hun, who was recently awarded the 2010 Seoul International Tourism Award, is set to be appointed as Seoul’s Global Ambassador.

    This year’s festival will feature more than 27,000 lanterns from 24 countries. Unique pieces of work will be invited for the exhibition such as “Giant Lantern” of Philippines; “Hei-tiki” of New Zealand; “Yewon,” “Iryongsangtu” and “Byeongeomgamyeon” of China; “Sibaraku Nebuta,” “Dachinaputa,” “Edoru,” “Bamboo Lantern” and “Umbrella Lantern” of Japan.