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  • Seoul landscapes Hangang Forests with four themes to recover the Hangang (Han River)

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    • – 40,800 square meters of Hangang Forests are landscaped at Hangang Park to improve nature of the Hangang (Han River)
    • – A total of 37,412 trees are planted for the forests and each one is created with a different theme according to each park’s location and landscape: “ecological forest” at Jamsil Hangang Park, “buffer forest” at Yeouido Hangang Park, “forest for healing” at Jamwon Hangang Park, and the “Baek-ri (40km) cottonwood forest” stretching from Gwangnaru Hangang Park to Gangseo Hangang Park
    • – Through the Hangang Forest Project, Seoul more provides the citizens with green places to relax, while restoring their ecological system

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 8, 2018 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it has opened four Hangang Forests at riverside parks – including those in Jamsil, Yeouido and Jamwon – since August 1, aiming at improving nature of the Hangang (or Han River).

    The total size of the newly landscaped Hangang Forests reaches 40,800 square meters, and a total of 37,412 trees were planted there. According to each park’s location and landscape, each one was created with a different theme.

    The forest at Jamsil Hangang Park was created as an “ecological forest” by landscaping a living space for small creatures and planting trees for wild birds that help improve the ecological environment at the park and recover species diversity.

    For a “buffer forest” at Yeouido Hangang Park, oak trees are densely planted along the boundary of the park and the road. Oak trees are well known for their strong resistance to air pollution, so it is believed to reduce fine dust and play a role of air purification. It is also expected to help block off exhaust emissions from automobiles and noises.

    At Jamwon Hangang Park, a “forest for healing” is landscaped by planting a great number of pine trees, with providing a rich amount of shade for the visitors.

    Lastly, 1,800 cottonwoods are planted along the 40km-long riverside area stretching from Gwangnaru Hangang Park to Gangseo Hangang Park to complete the “Baek-ri (40km) cottonwood forest.” It is a perfect place to enjoy a quiet riverside park while walking. It resembles poplar forests at painting works of Van Gogh and Monet.

    High quality of soils is used for trees, and ventilation pipes are installed for air supply and easier rainwater inflow to the soil to improve living environment for trees.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government implements the Hangang Forest Project with a voluntary participation of the citizens, organizations and companies. It is a project that people and nature can coexist together.