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  • Seoul – LA promote closer relationship for mutual benefits

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    SEOUL, Nov. 25, 2014 – Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon singed a MOU with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on Nov 24 (Mon) in Seoul. The MOU fulfills the pledges of the two mayors made in Sep, during Mayor Park’s visit to the U.S. The two mayors agreed to seek closer relationship and stronger cooperation and exchanges between Seoul and LA

    During Mayor Park’s visit in LA, two mayors discussed possible areas for exchanges, including urban safety, fire-fighting and emergency preparedness, tourism, films and sports. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is vising Seoul for MOU conclusion to bring about tangible results on the discussed areas.

    Seoul and LA have already concluded the Sisterhood Agreement back in 2006. The new MOU aims to go beyond name-only sisterhood between the two cities and to substantially promote cooperation in the areas that can directly benefit their citizens, in following areas: a) urban safety & fire-fighting and emergency preparedness, b) tourism c) culture d) environment.

    To this end, MOU-based discussion will ensue to offer discounts to Seoul and LA citizens when they visit each other’s city for tourism and entertainment. Already, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is promoting tourism and culture discount business with Hokkaido, and working on a similar project with four other cities, such as Tokyo, Jakarta, Delhi, Taipei. In addition, SMG already signed the relevant agreement with Honolulu, Hawaii and San Francisco, which led to the ongoing working-level discussion.

    In the meantime, LA Mayor Garcetti visited a traditional temple in Seoul on Nov 25 (Tues) to have a hands-on experience about Seoul’s culture, which is enriched both by past and present heritages. Mayor Garcetti also will visit major Korean companies with his business envoy to seek better cooperation with Korea in culture and economy sector.

    Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon said, “We expect that LA Mayor Garcetti, who has been designated as an honorary Seoul citizen, will show stronger support for Seoul’s development and exchanges between the two cities. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is committed to promoting closer relationship and more exchanges with LA, the center city of culture and tourism. It is also parts of our urban diplomacy efforts to bring about real benefits to Seoul citizens.”